/ˈlähär/ mudflow, debris and pyroclastic material that flow from a volcano

/hahrd-kohr/ unswervingly committed; very intense or extreme

After a successful first run on April 18, 2018, the Lahar Challenge is holding its second leg on May 4 to 5 in Pampanga, a province located in the Philippines’ central Luzon region.

The Lahar Challenge is the only motorcycle event of its kind—the Philippines is the only country in the world that features a huge expanse of land covered in lahar (pyroclastic material or volcano mud/debris). Angeles City’s lahar-covered areas are the effect of ten billion+ tons of magma Mount Pinatubo spewed onto its surrounding landscapes during its catastrophic eruption on June 15, 1991. One of the largest volcanic explosions in the 20th century, the eruption displaced more than 10,000 families, including the Aetas, an indigenous tribe who lost both their homes and means of livelihood. Global temperatures also dropped due to the eruption.

Today, 27 years after that fateful day, Angeles City has risen from the ashes and become a bustling metropolis that is the perfect blend of nature and urban comforts.

Besides being a venue for motorcycle riders to meet fellow enthusiasts and to test their mettle and skills, Lahar Challenge also seeks to drive tourism to the city of Angeles, as well as opportunities for people to learn more about the Aeta communities and their culture.


Lahar Challenge 2018 Highlights

What's New




This year’s Lahar Challenge promises to be more exciting and even more challenging for participants. Teams will be camping overnight within the lahar-strewn area of Pampanga, and will test their survival, and motorcycle skills through four different challenges.

The planned route will take participants through varying terrain guaranteed to challenge even the most skilled riders. Team work, presence of mind, endurance and navigational skills are key to completing the course, and all four challenges tied to the following themes. Fire, Water, Navigation and Shelter.


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  • Only one person can register per team.
  • Each team should have exactly five members—no more no less. You will not be able to register a team with less or more than five members.
  • Participation fee is PhP2,500 per member. The participation fee will be collected as a whole. This means that you need to pay a total of PhP12,500 for your team of five (PhP2,500 x 5 = PhP12,500) when you register.
  • Assign a team captain. He/She will be the Lahar Challenge organizers’ main point of contact

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Rules & Regulations

Mechanics being finalized by the Core Team








Certificates of challenge completion will be given to those who complete all challenges. Special prizes will be given to select participants. Watch this space for more details.


Lahar Challenge 2019 is a motorcycle event where participants test their motor riding and non-motor riding skills, team work and endurance as they ride through Pampanga’s lahar terrain. It is the second event of its kind in the Philippines. The first was held in April 2018.
This year’s challenge will be longer and even tougher than Lahar Invitational Challenge 2018. Lahar Challenge 2019 will take participants through a more difficult route and require them to stay overnight within lahar grounds. There will only be four challenges this time, around four themes: navigation, food, fire and shelter.
The challenge will be from May 4 and 5. Bike inspection and pre-event briefing will happen during the evening of May 3. Kick-off will be at the Nepo Center Park in Angeles City, Pampanga.
All motorcycle riders with a valid LTO Philippine license (with restriction 1) may participate in this year’s challenge. Register here.
You may use any bike – as long as it is Philippine LTO-registered and road-legal. We will weed out unqualified bikes during the bike inspection. Bikes with off-road capabilities and features will be a huge advantage for riders.

Note: production and race-only bikes will not be allowed.
A list of recommended items will be sent to you upon registration. We will let you know once our registration page is up and running.
The participation fee is PhP2,500 per person.
Yes. Only riders who are part of a team can join this year’s Lahar Challenge. Each team should have exactly five members each.
Each team should have strictly five (5) members each— no more, no less.
Yes. You will need special skills, including:

Motorbike riding skills (of course!), navigational skills, map reading skills, and survival skills

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